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We're honored to partner with Donate Life America for the release of the song "This Beautiful Life". Like all things, there is a cause and an effect. The cause we've partnered with is Donate Life America. The effect, we hope, is bringing awareness to organ donation registry and honoring everyone who has ever helped safe a life through the generous gift of organ donation, including the family who donated to Wesley 16 years ago. I believe that organ donation and transplant are like life?they are both about the TRYING. We can't know the outcome, we can only show up and TRY. I wrote this song from the deepest place of gratitude I've ever ventured. It's my best effort at telling our story, letting Wesley know I am happy and at peace; somehow conveying in 3 minutes, 38 seconds the joy of raising our son; and reminding everyone who hears it that we can all build a beautiful life, no matter the obstacles. Profits from radio plays and downloads of This Beautiful Life benefit Donate Life America. The song will be released on November 24, 2020.


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